Monday, 11 May 2009

Question of Switzerland #5

Would you prefer a cock but all your fingers are cocks or prefer to have all your fingers but have a finger for a cock?

Dan Button:

I'd have a finger for a cock because so I could beckon ladies with it.

CJ Wilson:

Imagine how much pleasure you could give to multiple women with cock fingers!
i'd still go with finger cock though, coz a finger for a cock is better than no cock at all!

Esme Tearle:

I would have cocks for fingers so I could finally satisfy my gaping arsehole. LOL!!! *cries*

Archie Oldman:

I don't think you've thought this through, a childrens TV series named Cock Fingers Button would be hugely popular. I see it as a chickle brothers style where everyday tasks become comedic as a result of your inability to 'consitantly grip things' ie. when you get 10 hard ons and pass out because all the blood has gone to your hands then wake as a fit bird is helping you but she doesn't bargain on ten doses of button muck. The scripts write themselves.

James Loizou:

What about 1 finger for a cock and 10 cocks?

Dan Calahan:

For girls,

would you rather a nose for a twat (and keep your nose on your face) OR a minge for a nose (and keep your pussy in the right place)?

Remember: both still work, so your nose CAN smell, and you've just got to hope your gash DON'T.

Stef Isendahl:

Cock fingers would give major satisfaction when flicking the Vs.
And when fingering the VJJs.

Richie Starbuck:

I have little chubby fingers, would that mean i would have little chubby cocks?

Esme Tearle:

Girls: Would you prefer kittens and puppies for fingers and a pretty sparkly thing for a cunt, or cakes and flowers for fingers and a singing happy unicorn for your special lady hole?

Richie Starbuck:

Cos if i had lots of chubby little cocks as fingers it would become an issue for me, i might have to wear gloves all the time.........................but then again i could pretend to be Spider Man!

Baudelaire Valentine:

Would your cock fingers have exactly the same attributes as your actual cock?

James Hearson:

Would you end up with pubes between the webs of your cocks in place of fingers? And do you have the equivilent amount of ball sacks hanging there too? Do thumbs remain as thumbs?

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