Monday, 11 May 2009

Question of Switzerland #1

If god was alive/existed, what would you ask him?

Stef Isendahl: "Explain yourself, fucker"

Dzantos Andros: "Who's your favourite member of Westlife?"

Julia Heap: Just tell us what happened, why are we creating some sort of man made vortex below Switzerland to try and figure it all out?! You are probably laughing at us now you bugger because the scientific dudes got it all completely wrong!

Emma Deal: I'd ask him why Dan's stealing questions from the back of buses.

CJ Wilson: Seriously god, gingers... what WERE you thinking?

Jamie Wilson: God, Sir, what were you thinking? Making man in your own image you ego maniac. Judging by the rest of us you must be one fucked up individual. Fancy a bum?

Nordahl Ballingall: Why don't u shave? This long white beard is just ridiculous. Sacrebleu!!!

James Hearson: For a sandwich.

Jason Lockward: What's the deal with having Llamas and Alpacas, do we need both?

Jaclyn Suarez: i'd ask him how in GD hell you go from dinosaurs to people. Shit just ain't natural progression. What were you thinking jesus, you fucker!

Richard Lundie: Why am I deaf in one ear? And why did you make it so that only completly deaf people can have cochlear implants? Lucky cunts!

I didn't mean that god. sorry.

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