Thursday, 13 January 2011

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Question of Switzerland: Celebrity Death List 2011

Which 5 slebs do you think will kark it this year?

As always, the person with the most correct passings will receive a signed print from the Heroes.

As a bonus this year, if you can guess an unlikely passing (McQueen any one?), we'll also throw in a free print.

Paul Briant

Prince Phillip
Margaret Thatcher
Nelson Mandela
Liz Taylor
Kirk Douglas

Brucie Bonus: Cilla Black

Dan Button

Zsa Zsa Gabor (gets legless)
Kirk Douglas (he'll still beat Michael)
Ronnie Biggs (snuff overdose)
Clive Dunn (panics)
Nelson Mandela (falls over Charlie Dimmock's water feature)

Brucie Bonus:

Edward Gawne

Christopher Hitchens
Fidel Castro
Dick Cheney
Kim Jong-Il
Lockerbie Bomber

Kate Middleton.... to pay a hefty price for being the first royal to use a car to transport her from the abbey on her wedding day

Margaret Thatcher

Margarat Thatcher.
Russell Brand.
Mike Smith (ex radio1 dj)
Hugh Heffner (again)

Posh Spice!

Rob Valsler

Eunice Sanborn
Ali Al Megrahi
Margaret Thatcher
Zha Zha Gabor
Ronnie Biggs

Michelle Obama

Charlotte Fuller

1. Phillip Windsor
2. Bobby Charlton
3. George Bush Senior
4. Stephen Hawking
5. Elizabeth Taylor

Brucie Bonus: Fernando Alonso - CRASH!

Scot Devine

Box for boxer? Jake Lamotta
Supreme ending for former supreme leader? Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Shooting accident? Dick Cheney
Time of death - moor-ning? Ian Brady
Robbed of life? Ronnie Biggs

Marion Louise Atkinson

Michael Douglas
Julian Assange
Margaret Thatcher
Peter Andre
Queen Elizabeth