Monday, 2 November 2009

Question of Switzerland #12

Cheryl Cole. Three words.

Dan Button:

Pikey. Racist. Fit.

Stefan Isendahl:

Orange, Scouser, Pikey.

Ai Findlay:

Attractive. Northern. Overexposed.

Barry Lundie:

Crush that pussy.

Rena Pancholi:

Girl's Aloud, X-Factor, Loreal - the girl's a walking brand...

James Hearson:

Really shit tattoos

Richie Starbuck:

cum into dimples

Stefan Isendahl:

Why so orange?

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Question of Switzerland #11

Is anyone a bigger twat than Kanye West and why?

Dan Button: Anybody who has previously posed on Rolling Stone magazine pictured as Jesus in a crown of thorns is a big big twat so not many people can be a bigger twat.....though I do have an unhealthy hatred for toffs and Shoreditch twats.

Ewan Taylor: Russell Brand. I need say no more.

Hal Branson: Paul Danan. Because..., and because he's a CUNT.

Marion Louise Atkinson: Kanye West's mother.

James Hearson: Patrick Kielty

Ali Findlay: Peter Taylor, Dennis Wise etc...

I'm A Long Way From Home

Friday, 4 September 2009

Digital Cross Stitch: Washing Machine

Merchandise: Bad Taste

Merchandise: Art

If you would like to order any of our art then please contact us (link should be on the right hand side). We will then contact you with the best form of delivery and it's cost.

Similarly, if you'd like any of our work; not displayed here, please just let us know.

Prices vary and so do the frames so please contact us for a quote.

Thanks :D