Monday, 11 May 2009

Question of Switzerland #2

The 2009 Death List

(those with the most correct guesses at the end of the year will receive an original Hero of Switzerland illustration)

Jamie Starbuck:

My top five to die this year.

1. Gazza.
2. Russ Abbot.
3. Debbie McGhee.
4. Sean Connery.
5. Paul Daniels (after Debbie)

Dan Button:

Top five to die this no particular order

1. Patrick Swayze (earlier than reported)
2. Leslie Phillips
3. Gazza
4. Richard Attenborough
5. John Motson

Esme Tearle:

1. Steve Jobs
2. Fidel Castro
3. Jade Goody
4. Norman Wisdom
5. Margaret Thatcher

That was list of my 'Top five to die this year' by the way, not my 'would' list.

Bryn Jones:

Isn't choosing people suffering from illnesses a bit of a cheat? if not i want goody, evil knievel and swayze to replace the last three. but for now i'm in with 1. Peter Sallis 2. Kirk Douglas 3. Jim Bowen 4. Charlie Watts 5. Dudley Sutton from lovejoy.

Marion Louise Atkinson:

1-Barack Obama
3-Amy Winehouse
4-Bruce Forsyth
5-Patrick Duel

Jamie Wilson

1.Wendy Richards (gas fire combustion)
2.Marradonna (struck down by a vengeful hand of God)
3.John McCririck (trampled to death by the crowd at Doncaster)
4.Lindsay Lohan (internal bleeding)
5.Bruce Forsyth (hypothermia resulting in pneumonia)

Ben Randall:

1.the queen

pile up on the M4

James Hearson:

1, Patrick Kielty - In a horrible painful time consuming manor.
2, Hugh Hefner - Chronic constipation.
3, Paris Hilton - Car Crash
4, Chris Moyles - Stabbed by hoodie
5, Zane Lowe - Stabbed by me

I'd feel a wee bit guilty if any of these people do die this year. Except Patrick Kielty. There is no place for him on this planet.

Rob Plant:

1. Steve Jobs (bad Aids)
2. Amy Whinehouse ( OD on glue )
3. The Queen ( Shot on hunt)
4. Jeremy Clarkson ( Run over )
5. Norman Wisdom ( Sadness)

Bryony Dearman:

1.Ian Paisley(a girl can dream)
2.Margaret Thatcher (if you're gonna dream, do it properly)
3.Mr T (I pity the fool . . . .)
4.Mel Gibson (*cough*karma)
5.George Foreman (high cholesterol)

Scott Ballantyne:

My 5 to kick the bucket....

1. Sir Bobby Robson
2. Prince Phillip
3. The Queen
4. Michael Parkinson
5. Pete Doherty


1. Bobby Charlton (combover based fatality)
2. Patrick Moore (found dead with xmas decs still up from 2007)
3. Dot Cotton (lung cancer)
4. Gazza (massive anal injuries in barrymore's swimming pool)
5. Bill Cosby (token)

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