Monday, 11 May 2009

Question of Switzerland #4

You've a month to live and £1 million in the bank from OK Magazine. What you gonna do? Where you gonna go? How you gonna do it? Who you gonna do?

Jaclyn Suarez:

1. new kickass apt - $20,000 a month
2. lipo - $4,000
3. shopping - $100,000
4. huge party in my new kickass apt, fly all my friends to nyc for huge kickassy party in new kickassy apt - $20,000. party will last 4 days.
5. then i am going to africa to bang the shizz out of game ranger - $10,000 (not sure how i would make that happen, but i would)

let's see where that takes me. i still have 1.5 million US$ left. and not enough time to spend it. brilliant. i will give the rest to ben randall and co. or something like that.

Barry Lundie:

Riiiiiiiight. 1 month aye? I would invest.

Dan Button:

I'd hang out with Jade, double our money yeah.

Richie Starbuck:

I would spend all the money on a 8ft tall gold statue of myself with a small 2ft statue of Jamie (my brother) next to it cos i would murder him just before i die, oh and prostitutes.............

Baudelaire Valentine:

Buy as much porn as possible and see how long it takes me to watch it....oh and sort out my will so that I could bequeath it to all the people I know.

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