Monday, 4 January 2010

QoS #14 Celebrity Death List 2010!!!

Top 5 Celebrity Deaths of 2010

Rob Valsler:

Attenborough (D)
Attenborough (R)
Lynn (V)
Windsor (P)
Wisdom (N)

Dan Button:

Zsa Zsa Gabor (found half eaten by her dogs)
Kirk Douglas (shock, after being told he's not Sparticus)
Ronnie Biggs (snuff overdose)
Clive Dunn (falling on his bayonette)
Norman Wisdom (flat cap suffocation)

Scott Ballantyne:

Bruce Forsyth (already been dying on his arse for last 5 years)
Maggie Thatcher (for stopping milk at schools in the 80's and the miners strike, i know it's been a while but karma will catch up with you in the end)
Christopher Lee (sprayed with holy water)
Courtney Love (after killing Kurt all those years ago will finally kill herself)
The Queen (cos i want an extra couple of days off work)

Marion Louise Atkinson:

Bruce Forsyth
Fidel Castro
Sacha Baron Cohen
Delia Smith

Charlotte "Granny" Fuller:

Phillip Windsor
Bobby Charlton
George Bush Senior
Stephen Hawking
Liz Taylor

Max Ward:

Kim Jong Il
Jimmy Carter
Larry King
Aretha Fraklin
David Blaine

Matt Martin:

Maggie Thatcher
Ronnie Biggs
Fidel Castro
Liz Taylor
Dennis Norden

CJ Wilson:

Liz Taylor
Amy Winehouse (though I picked her last year and she is still kicking about)
Micky Rooney
Zsa Zsa Gabour (100 this year!)
Courtney Love

Ewan Taylor:

Amy Winehouse
Britney Spears
Boy George
Bruce Forsyth
Russell Brand

James Hearson:

Micky Rooney
Slash (although it would be a disaster)
Gary Glitter
Rolf Harris
Jimmy Greaves

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