Monday, 3 August 2009

Question of Switzerland #9

What's you're interpretation of Bad Taste?

Sarah Wadey:

bad taste... well, celery taste bad, does that make it bad taste? a seagull wrapped in 70s wall paper? hmmm...

Richard Lundie:

Whats the difference between an Apple and a dead baby? i don't fuck an apple before I eat it.

James Hearson:

Brown shoes with black trousers. And Necrophilia

Jamie Wilson:

Unleashing a heavyweight boxer with mental deffectiveness (it's got to be Mike Tyson really, hasn't it) into a maternity ward and shouting 'Whackamole' before inducing several pregnancies at once and ringing a loud bell...ding ding
nb- this could make a rather juicy supplement to his biography right after killed daughter on treadmill

Dan Button:

Jordan and or Katie Price.
A yeasty minge.
Brass Eye (in a good way).
Asking a bird mid coitus if you can call her "mother"
Kunt (in a good way).
Alternative Jesus jewellery (him in the electric chair, hanging from the gallows, lethal injection etc).
Fisting a cat.

Barry Lundie:

digging up a grave, hopping in with dead guy, quick wank and then spooning with him and talking all night long about my feelings and how pretty the sky is tonight. Have a snooze, wake up early then try and make him jealous by sleeping with his sister next door and making really loud sex noises so he can hear 'us' from his pit.

oops, i've just shat me fackin pants.

James Hearson:


Baudelaire Valentine:

Lilac thong speedos

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