Monday, 6 July 2009

Question of Switzerland #8

If you could be in the ultimate band, what would you be called, who would be in it and what would you sound like?

James Hearson:

Jimi Hendrix,
Billy Cox,
Mitch Mitchell,
Noel Redding,

Sound like The Jimi Hendrix Experience.....?????

With Bez

Dan Button:

Drums: Phil Collins
Bass: Phil Collins
Guitar: Phil Collins
Vocals: Phil Collins

They would play drum heavy 80's sing along anthems inspired by Birmingahm chocolate.

Band name? Peter Gabriel

Alan Jackson:

Drums: Sesame Streets - Ernie and Bert
Bass: 570-pound the world's fattest man - Manuel Uribe
Guitar: lead singer and lead guitarist for Jimmy Eat World - Jim Adkiz
Vocals: Blue Peters - Joey the Spaz

They would play Meat Loaf songs.

Band name? "You can't hurt me anymore"

Jamie Wilson:

Drums: Tony Allen
Bass: Squarepusher
Guitar: Seasick Steve
Vocals: Patrick Watson

There is no intended humour in any of the above decisions, I'm just bored, and felt like answering the question sincerely. Oh, but they will only play songs coined by the legendary Irish group The Corrs, but with a much rockier sound - hence the name, The HARDCORRS!

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